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Market analysis
market analysis
Understand the product's foreign market share and grasp the best replenishment cycle of the product in different countries
Product analysis
product analysis
Provide a variety of foreign trade customer development channels, including international search engines, global trade data, social marketing and other mainstream methods, and new foreign trade customer development solutions
Customer positioning
Customer positioning
Professional foreign trade customer service follow-up service guidance, assist in communication with foreign businessmen and language translation, make quotations and product catalogs, review foreign trade contract terms, and payment methods
Customer collection
customer collection
Continuous docking with foreign target customers, unlimited customer development
Qingdao Senxin Information Technology Co., Ltd.-Focus on the development of foreign trade customers

Qingdao Senxin Information Technology Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful coastal city of Qingdao. It was established in August 2016. It is a comprehensive service-oriented enterprise integrating foreign trade customer development and foreign trade services. The company’s foreign trade customer extension system includes search engines and The B2B platform connects foreign buyers. The company has been established to serve 3,500 enterprises across the country, exporting to 68 countries and regions such as the Belt and Road, European and American markets. The company has 200 employees, and adheres to the principle of customer first and insists on innovation. Integrity and unity of the enterprise spirit, to become an authoritative foreign trade service enterprise
Corporate vision: to become a first-class comprehensive foreign trade service service company to solve various problems encountered by customers in foreign trade!
Through global trade data and experience, we can understand the purchasing habits and market distribution of products in different countries, and develop customers in a targeted manner.
A variety of online mainstream channels are connected to foreign customer resources, and they are updated in real time based on the Internet to continuously acquire new customers.
Provide 7 x 24 uninterrupted telephone service, use remote assistance to help you solve the problems you encounter.
Provide 7 x 24 uninterrupted telephone service, use remote assistance to help you solve the problems you encounter.
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Senxin foreign trade business whole process management
Foreign trade order process
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