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想要通过外贸站来获得安全稳定的收入,就必须要获取国外的真实流量,对于大部分人来说难度有点大。这里给大家一个推广思路,希望大家能举一反三。一:花钱的竞价排名应该说竞价推广是最直接、最有效的方式了,据统计80%的人通过搜索找货源,如通过Directindustry、Google、Yahoo、Bing、阿里巴巴等。二:免费的SEO优化推广找到你要做的关键词,比如“B2B外贸站(当然是要英文的)”,然后逐一点开前几位的网站,分析他们的网站结构,并模仿之。然后在建立一些英文博客(最好在国外,如Yahoo! BLOG),把国内的相关文章翻译成英文,关键词加入网站链接...
1. Postal air parcels:The price is cheaper and the voyage is about two weeks. This method can be suitable for sending large quantities of low-value pr...
Google is very easy to include a website. Generally speaking, a new site can be fully included in 2-4 days. But if the latest published articles, espe...
Recently I met a foreign trade marketing executive who told me that the average revenue per IP unit price of English advertising is 0.15 US dollars, w...
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